Crescent shaped, melting-dough-flaky-chocolaty(9)
I pinch her nose
Whisper slowly into her ears
with her wrist chain rustling against her smooth skin
she fills up the boxes, holding my hand which was
caressing her pregnant womb

I bumped into her on a wintry evening, during an open-mic
the artist in the background was slamming a love poem,
“Ushering your love,I’ve made a sweet mistake”
I see her in the last row
with a piece of paper, a pen and a confused face
i peep
Some like it hot and few others cold, but most of them black(6)
I mumbled
and she revealed me  another crossword
You have agreed or use the second letter when annoyed(4)

Fast forward it to many more dates and hundred more crosswords and a happy marriage
She is wearing a red dress with blue polka dots or was it something else?
Painful rope stitched of breath that smells of liquor(8)
Never mind, I remember her leaning towards me
and slowly stroking my hair
Offshoot of passion and love, with a neck mark(6)
Biting each other’s lips
We slid under our bedsheets and a week later
Weird cravings with a good night’s love blooming inside(8)
Months later on her due date
I kiss her forehead and
Slowly tell her everything’s going to be alright
I clutched her hand before she was taken into the OT
Minutes later I hear a doctor screaming
Oh! It’s an obstetric emergency (8)
Go through it to reach your original abode(11)
I’m frightened and annoyed of this unfair treatment (11)
The nurse comes out with a baby girl in her hand
A word frequently used without actually meaning it(5)
S-O-R-R-Y we lost her
I reach home with my daughter and look through my hoardings of her crosswords
I know you are not the type who gives up(11)
I almost heard her say,

Forward it to 6 more years
My daughter sits on my lap and smiles while solving crosswords
in the same café I met her mother for the first time
She asks me,
Crescent shaped, melting-dough-flaky-chocolaty(9)
almost teary eyed,
I reply

Hey guys, I’m quite not sure how things work here! But here’s a newbie. I’m an amateur writer and a medico who’s still doubtful if he did a right job choosing medicine. But life has its own little way to teach us tiny lessons.

So this blog is purely meant for my madness. And apart from that, you might sometimes come across few poems/short stories/ musings and again my madness.

Also, thanks for reading ❤️

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