Amazing nuts

When everybody had enough pocket money to buy crispy cookies and Jelly balls, your taste kept me happy and content. How could I forget that vendor, dressed with a large white shirt which was flying in that terrible wind and a white dhothi with a bright blue border? A red towel around his neck,to wipe the perspiration and a ladle blending those tiny tasty things together. Wiping his sweat in one hand and rolling an old piece of newspaper into a cone in another , he would fill a handful of peanuts into the cone and sell it for hardly two rupees.

I remember springing up to him and paying him a rupee or two, and getting my tiny hands into those cones and grabbing few nuts from it and chomping it until I reach the bus stand. When people were busy munching almonds and cashews I preferred peanuts over my lunch box. Peeling it’s covering and dusting it away only to see those tiny shreds of testa sticking to my school uniform and trying to get rid of them which was nearly impossible, was my usual evening scenes.Mom’s eagle eye would have already spotted those pieces which would eventually cross her brain to process a long speech on cough and it’s effects on my body.

When the planet has issues with your power of inducing allergic reactions, I’d prefer tasting you in my kitchen’s dishes like cookies and cakes . While I have many friends allergic to you, you got me addicted to your tang. Separating you from the thick shell of yours and cooking you with salt and hot water and later , to gobble you to satisfy my taste buds indeed keeps me satisfied. I witnessed your evolution, from getting blended yourself to become butter and, to rise up to be an integral part of world famous chocolate bars like Snickers.

While science prefers to call you Arachis hypogaea and people compare you to a restless and mentally disturbed person, I would call you a sweet companion of mine who was always with me . From, When I was broke, to when I was enjoying my yearly Christmas dinner.

A guy perpetually broke….

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